When following the gather hunter way of life cereal and muesli can be sorely missed... but with this recipe you will never want to go back! It’s packed full of goodness, and most importantly crunchy clustery gold! Serve with your favourite milk or yoghurt and fresh seasonal fruit.


Australian almond kernels, organic coconut chips, organic sultanas, organic coconut palm sugar, Australian almond meal, organic pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, organic desiccated coconut, organic extra virgin coconut oil, WA extra virgin olive oil, chia seeds, cinnamon, Australian sea salt.

Please note: this granola contains tree nuts.


For Gatherer Hunter granola's best results:
- Store granola in refrigerator after opening
- Reseal bag after each use
- Best consumed with in 3 to 4 weeks after opening and following storage advice. I doubt it will last you that long though!


Gatherer Hunter Granola 300g

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