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Our Story

The WA Artisan Food Group was created to bring food and beverages producers together in a community and provide a platform for the sharing of food and experiences with their audiences.

Community is at the heart of everything we do.

About Trieu

A love and passion for wholesome food led Trieu to create the WA Artisan Food Group. From humble beginnings as a boat refugee, Trieu carved a career in multinationals around Australia. But despite having dined on famous dishes around the world, something kept drawing her back to the fragrant dishes her mother used to create from home grown vegetables. Trieu is not alone in this enchantment, for these same fragrant dishes are found trending in today’s social media.

It was not merely the love of food which Trieu enjoyed, but the pleasure of the shared experiences. Whether it be competing for the choicest morsels at the family table with her brothers, sharing a meal at a cooking class, or joining the throngs at a pop-up restaurant, community and spirited conversations around good food are at the heart of each of these experiences.

Jonathan Mo, mOjo

About JOnathan MO (mOjo)

One of the most awarded creative in the region with a passion to do good for humanity and food. 

mOjo spend decades in the digital, marketing and the branding world as one of the pioneers of the digital venture before he found his calling to utilising his skills and experience to give back to humanity. He was one of the originators of Earth Hour and created the world’s first socially responsible water brand for Coca-Cola just to name a few goods he’s done over the years.

With WAAFG, mOjo is striving to make a difference in the world, driving to make the world more sustainable, regenerative and through it all, making us all to be more mindful of how we live and do our part to make a positive change for Gaia.


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