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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

We currently only deliver within the Perth metropolitan area and WA regional area via Australia Parcel Post. Should you need delivery to other areas of Australia, please contact us for options.

Shipping Cost

Home and office deliveries within Perth metropolitan area $15.00.

Home and office deliveries within regional WA area $27.50.

Returns & Refunds Policy

Products bought in-store can be returned to the store within 48 hours for a full refund, whether opened or unopened.  You will be asked to complete a refund form prior to your transaction being processed, providing us with the reason for your refund request.

If your products have been bought on-line, you can bring the products back to us in store within 48 hours of delivery and follow the products bought in-store process.

If you cannot bring your products back to our store, please download and complete the Product Returns complete with your payment details.  Post the product and form back to us.  Once received, we will refund the purchase price to you.

For on-line purchases, you will bear the return postage cost if you change your mind.

For on-line purchases, we will bear the return postage cost if the product is found to be unfit for purpose or has suffered spoilage.

Where a product bought on-line is not fit for purpose or consumption, or has suffered spoilage, please contact us for a return post form.  This will enable you to return your products via the post office without any fees.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy and eggs cannot be returned by post.  If you are unhappy with your products, please return them in-store for a full refund within 48 hours of your products being delivered.  If you cannot return them to the store, please contact us on our business number to discuss your options.

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